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Josh Watson
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Josh Watson [userpic]

36 weeks since I last updated here.

so much wasted time.. lost memories...

Josh Watson [userpic]

I'm still here.
Just not on here.. its dead.

MySpace is my new home.

Josh Watson [userpic]

This song is so true.

I'm tired of your open mouth
Crawling inside my skin
Endless pain, we never quit
The fight within that prides begun
Saying it's too late
What a man's got he'll learn to hate

Forget the time I said I would
Replace that with I never will
Beyond the facts held in your face
Ignore the facts beyond your nose
Saying it's too late
What a man's got he'll learn to hate

Grow up
Now without meaning
No response, no revealing
Just grow up

fuck this family
fuck this life
fuck everything

Josh Watson [userpic]

Where is the safe haven?

That place where I feel no pain?

Its been so long since I've visited its white walls.

Is it lost?

Is it even real anymore?

Somebody slay this dream of mine.

Before it takes over.

Current Location: my room
Current Mood: mellowmellow
Current Music: Safe Haven-Project 86
Josh Watson [userpic]

Hey guys.
its been forever since I've updated this thing.
alot has changed.
Sadly not much is for the good.

I feel alone.

Current Location: My room
Current Mood: blahblah
Current Music: Annihilate The Corrupt - Demon Hunter
Josh Watson [userpic]

You come to me with
scars on your wrist.
You tell me this will be the last night
feeling like this.

I just came to say good bye
Didn't want you to see me cry
I'm fine

But I know it's a lie

This is the last night
you'll spend alone
Look me in the eyes
so I know you know
I'm everywhere
you want me to be

The last night
you'll spend alone
I'll wrap you in my arms
and I wont let go
I'm everything
you need me to be

Your parents say
everything is your fault
but they don't know you like I know you
they don't know you at all

I'm so sick of when they say
"Its just a phase you'll be ok
You're fine"

But I know it's a lie


(The last night
away from me)

Tonight is so long when
everythings wrong
If you give me your hand
I will help you hang on



I won't let you say goodbye
And I'll be your reason why
The last night
away from me
away from me

Current Location: In my room
Current Mood: calmcalm
Current Music: Skillet-Comatose
Josh Watson [userpic]

Where is everyone?
Why is LJ DEAD?

Josh Watson [userpic]

"Drunk and I'm feelin down
And I just wanna be alone
I'm pist cuz you came around
Why dont you just go home
Cuz' you channeled all your pain
And I can't help you fix yourself
You're making me insane
All I can say is

I tear my heart open
Sew myself shut
MY weakness is that I care too much
And our scars remind that the past is real..."

"...I'm dreaming about tomorrow
I'M thinking about yestorday
I consume myself in sorrow...

And I am searching for the answers
Sometimes I get tired
Cuz' my life is spinning out of control
And I look around, sometimes I get tired
Cuz' my life is spinning out of control..."

"I let my pain on fire
And I watched it all fall down
And now I'm dancing on the ashes..."

Good ole Papa Roach.. always can relate to em'

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